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Complex Sudoku is a real challenge for puzzle lovers. They require a high degree of concentration, logical thinking and strategic planning.

While easy and intermediate Sudoku levels can be solved relatively quickly, complex Sudoku requires deep analysis and advanced solving techniques.

✍️ Complex Sudoku Rules

They do not differ from the easier levels. You have to fill a 9×9 grid with numbers from 1 to 9 so that in each row, each column and each small 3×3 square, each digit occurs only once.

But when it comes to complex sudoku, the game becomes a real test for your intellect.

🎓Methods for solving complex Sudoku

Solving complex Sudoku requires in-depth analysis and application of various methods. One of the basic methods is to look for a unique number in a row, column, or small square. This means that you look for a cell in which only one number can be entered, based on the cells already filled around it. This method allows you to set a value for a particular cell and continue solving the puzzle.

Another method of solving complex sudoku is the “hooks” or “intersections” technique. It is based on detecting patterns and relationships between numbers in the grid. By analyzing possible values for the cells and identifying logical connections, you can get key information that will help you move forward in solving the puzzle.

One such method is the “candidate extraction” method. It is based on the fact that each cell in Sudoku can have multiple candidates, that is, numbers that can be placed in it. By analyzing the interaction of candidates in different cells, you can eliminate certain numbers and narrow down the choices for each cell. This method requires attention to detail and constant updating of the candidate list.

Another method for solving complex sudoku is the “confirmation” method. It consists of finding cells where only one number can be placed, based on the constraints imposed on other cells. By carefully analyzing and eliminating possibilities, you can find key cells that help you advance in solving the puzzle.

Challenging sudoku requires patience, persistence, and deep thinking. It’s a real challenge for the logical genius looking for new ways to analyze and solve problems.

🏆 Pros of complex sudoku

Complex Sudoku is not only a stimulating and mentally stimulating game, but also a source of satisfaction and achievement. When you find the solution to a challenging puzzle, it brings you a sense of success and pride in your logical abilities.

So don’t be afraid to challenge yourself and try challenging sudoku. With each puzzle solved you will get better and improve your analysis, logic and problem solving skills. Immerse yourself in the world of complex sudoku and enjoy the intellectual excitement and satisfaction they bring.

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