An unexpected reasons to play sudoku daily

If you play sudoku daily, you’ll begin to find that you have a sort of “sense memory” for the puzzle grid – you’ll begin to notice patterns that emerge and develop the ability to seize opportunities faster.

The more Sudoku scenarios you see by playing Sudoku for a few hours each day, the more likely you are to be able to solve the puzzle in any given situation.

Train your brain.
Just as we need to walk, run, lift weights and exercise to keep our muscles strong, playing sudoku is a way to train our brain “muscles.” Some studies have shown that brain games like sudoku can even improve people’s cognitive abilities. Playing sudoku is more than just fun and relaxing – it can help you develop attention and concentration skills.

Improve your problem-solving skills
Playing sudoku helps you learn to solve problems using deductive reasoning – and this type of logical thinking process can also be useful in other areas of life.

Deductive thinking skills are important for success in life.

You may find that playing Sudoku helps you improve your problem-solving abilities in other areas of your life, whether it’s playing other puzzles, solving difficult problems at work, or finding new ideas to improve your home or life.

You may find that playing sudoku daily becomes your own little ritual – getting away from the daily grind and focusing on solving the puzzle, filling in the empty spaces in the grid, bringing a sense of order to the rows, columns and squares.

Playing sudoku can give you the little mental break you need to get back to your daily work and other life tasks with renewed energy.

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